About us

Borovac International is an engineering consultancy specializing in the technology development, design & project management for mineral processing plants & infrastructural projects WORLDWIDE.

Borovac worldwide

We provide services of the leading professionals in all disciplines and the most accurate and objective advice to ensure the successful development of any project.

What we can do for you:

  • Research & development
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Operation support

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Working experience

We have worked on projects up to $1 Billion, from Australia to Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

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Award winning

Borovac process wins the Golden Plaque at the 2009 Tesla Fest.

Tesla fest

Tesla fest is an international festival of innovation, knowledge and creativity.
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Is Borovac process suitable for you?

Borovac process is an inovative low-rank coal cleaning technology and is developed by Borovac International experts and is used WORLDWIDE. Our technology is COST-EFFECTIVE and ENVIROMENTALLY SAFE. Find out facts about Borovac process.

Contact us and the preliminary assessment will be completed by Borovac process experts FREE OF CHARGE. The assessment will be based on information provided by you that should include the details listed in this questionnaire.