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15 October 2009

Tesla fest

Borovac wins the Golden plaque at the 2009 Tesla Fest Innovation, Knowledge and Creativity Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Tesla Fest is an international festival of innovation, knowledge and creativity.

This year over 500 participated including the domestic and international innovators, young talents, students, investors, schools, institutes, universities and companies.

International jury awarded the best innovators, and also awarded WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) prize.

Golden plaque

The Borovac coal cleaning technology, a break-through process to utilise low rank lignites for power industry, was presented at the Fair and it was our great pleasure that this innovation has been awarded with Golden plaque!

Current massive mining methods applied at some south-eastern European coalfields result in large amounts of interlayer waste from complex coal seams being sent to power plant boilers for combustion.

This waste is unnecessary load on boilers and represents the single most significant cause for failure of power plant boilers to achieve their nominal capacities.

Industrial implementation of the coal cleaning to this type of coals will enable cost-effective and environmentally safe use and reliable supply of lignite for power production.